Terms of Use

1. Acceptable Use Policy

We may allow you to upload, live stream, submit, or publish (collectively, to "submit") content such as videos, recordings, images, and text (collectively, "content"). You must ensure that your content, and your conduct, complies with the Acceptable Use Policy set forth in this Section 1. SmartShare may (but is not obligated to) monitor your account, content, and conduct, regardless of your privacy settings. SmartShare may take all appropriate actions to enforce its rights including removing specific videos or suspending or removing your account.

1.1 Copyright Policy

You may only upload content that you have the right to upload and share. Copyright owners may send SmartShare a takedown notice as stated in our Copyright Policy if they believe SmartShare is hosting infringing materials. We will, in appropriate circumstances, terminate the accounts of persons who repeatedly infringe.

1.2 Content Restrictions

You may not submit any content that:

1.3 Code of Conduct

In using our Services, you may not:

1.4 Prohibited Technical Measures

You will not:

1.5 Restricted Users

You may not create an account if you are a member of a terror or hate group. You may not purchase any goods or services from us if you reside in a country subject to a comprehensive U.S. sanctions program or are a Specifically Designated National (SDN) as designated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

1.6 Accessibility and Ratings

We provide means to allow you to include closed captioning in your videos. If required by applicable law, you must provide closed captioning in your videos.

We may allow you to filter videos based upon their user-defined content rating. We cannot guarantee that videos will be appropriately rated by others. You must rate your videos appropriately.